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Liquivida™ Vitamin Drip

Our Fargo practice is consistently on the leading edge of restorative and preventive treatments that are often difficult to find throughout the region. That’s why we’re proud to be the only provider in the Fargo-Moorhead area of nutrient IV therapy solutions that help boost both your immune system and energy, helping you feel your best throughout the day. The Liquivida vitamin drips deliver essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals directly into your bloodstream, providing virtually immediate results.

What is Liquivida?

Liquivida is a form of intravenous (IV) nutrition. Delivering natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids through an IV provides benefits that you don’t get when taking vitamins orally. Vitamins consumed through the mouth must be processed through the stomach and the intestines. Many substances may be rendered inactive in the digestive tract, or they may not be absorbed sufficiently due to poor intestinal function. By getting the nutrients intravenously, that processing gets bypassed completely and higher than normal blood levels can be achieved. These increased levels can provide an immediate therapeutic response by correcting deficiencies that may arise from a diseased state.

Benefits of the Rise and Shine Drip

Alcohol consumption and lack of sleep can cause dehydration, grogginess, and lost motivation during the following day. The Rise-and-Shine Drip recharges the body with nutrients such as vitamins B6 and B12, along with magnesium chloride for detoxification. The benefits include:

  • Avoiding headaches and dizziness after a night with little to no sleep
  • Getting the energy to be productive throughout the day
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Hydrating your brain and other organs
  • Maintaining alertness

Benefits of the Natural Defense Drip

Fargo residents lead busy lives, which can sometimes lead to stress and a depleted immune system. It can be difficult to avoid illness if you’re not getting the vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances that are essential to maintaining your health. The Natural Defense Drip provides benefits that include:

  • Avoiding illness
  • Obtaining powerful antioxidants that prevent airborne illnesses
  • Maintaining a healthy nervous system
  • Improving cardiovascular function in the body
  • Boosting ability to withstand stress

Our experienced staff is happy to provide more information about nutrient IV therapy and Liquivida’s vitamin drips. Request a consultation at Rejuv using the online form, or call our office at (701) 356-SKIN (7546) to schedule an appointment.

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