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Vaginal rejuvenation Fargo

I never thought vaginal rejuvenation would be something I would offer, until I had my own treatment… By Melissa Rogne

A couple of years ago, I noticed that the laser companies were developing these new “feminine rejuvenation” lasers. At first, I thought the idea was crazy! Who would ever want to have a treatment “down there?” I have to admit, I am in my forties and have had two children. I have listened to my friends talk about having “dribbling” problems, and considered myself lucky. I had been spared the urinary incontinence issue, so really wasn’t concerned about rejuvenating anything down there.

Well, that was about to change.

While I was researching skin tightening, I s tumbled across a device called “ThermiVa”. Ugh, I thought. Another vaginal treatment. I couldn’t get excited about it. The rep from the company contacted me…..and continued to contact me. He wasn’t giving up. FINALLY – I agreed to have the treatment. There is not one thing in this clinic that I have not tried, and even though I dreaded it, I thought I owed it to our patients to at least test-drive this thing.

The day of the treatment, my nurse asked if I had any “issues”. Right away I said no, I have no problems with not being able to hold my urine. Then, gulp, she asked about my “intimate” life. So here is the big reveal. Yes, things do feel differently at 40 than they did at 20. Whether that’s the children, age, being with the same partner for 20 years….I’m not sure. Embarrassed, I did tell her that I felt like there was definitely less moisture, that sex could be uncomfortable, and that the entire area was not as sensitive/responsive as it used to be. This to someone I had just met!

She assured me that this treatment would give me an IMMEDIATE result – that her patients LOVE it and are so excited to receive treatment. I was definitely worried about pain. She shared with me it was a totally comfortable treatment, just a warm sensation on both the internal and external feminine areas. So, I jumped up on the table, put my feet in the stirrups, and closed my eyes!

Turns out – it was a piece of cake!! I actually completed relaxed and visited with her for the entire 20 minutes. The time flew by. I was never uncomfortable at any point. I have had many laser treatments in the past so was literally shocked that this treatment was so pleasant.

And the results? Well, let’s just say….my treatment was on a Sunday, and by Monday morning I had signed the paperwork to purchase one for Rejuv. Yes, the rumors are true. It DOES make a huge difference in your sex life. Your partner and yourself will BOTH feel the difference. Women notice more lubrication, a tighter feeling, and an increased intensity in orgasm. Men notice the additional lubrication as well as a pre-children tightness. Cosmetically, the area looks like it had a little “face lift”. The labia are tighter and smooth. Overall, rejuvenated inside and out. I can tell you that I LOVE this treatment, and will maintain it for the long haul. You really need to experience it to discover what you may be missing out on – but let me tell you once you try Thermiva, you will most likely be hooked.

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