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Secrets to Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Written by: Melissa Rogne, President, Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic

The secret to great skin? A firm mattress.

Yes, you read that right. A firm mattress. Except for our purposes, the “mattress” we are referring to is actually your dermis. Picture this:

Your skin is composed of two main layers; the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is what you see – the outer layer of the skin. On our bed – this would be considered the sheets. Because this is what we see every day, it is common for us to focus our skin rejuvenation efforts on this layer. We want our “sheets” to be smooth – no pores or fine lines. We want our “sheets” to be even in color; not stained with brown spots or discoloration.

We have many tools at our disposable – prescription home care, SilkPeel, chemical peels – to perfect our “sheets”. While this is important – we are truly only 50% of the way to achieving really great skin.

Remember the other layer I mentioned? The dermis? Enter the mattress. The dermis, our skin’s “mattress” provides structure to our skin. It is what allows our skin to be firm and taught, not loose or saggy. We want our mattress to be firm, free of lumps, bumps and sagging. To accomplish these, we need to give our skin’s “mattress” a little TLC.

To rejuvenate the dermis, we need to think differently. While rejuvenating the epidermis may be as simple as removing the old layers to reveal new healthier skin, the dermis requires us to actually regenerate our collagen and elastin at the cellular level. Only by stimulating the production of these critical building cells are we able to maintain and restore the integrity of our skin’s structure – keeping it firm and taut.

Fortunately, we have amazing technology to assist us with collagen and elastin regeneration. The foundation begins with adding a prescription grade retinol to our home care program. Not only does this work wonders for our epidermis, it also has the long term benefit of building and strengthening our dermal tissue.

In addition, a peptide or growth factor – my favorite is Defenage – will cause our body to produce new, healthy collagen cells. This shows up on the skin as an increase in firmness, smoother texture and minimized pore size.

Once these foundation layers are in place, I move toward our collagen regeneration procedures. SkinPen tops the list for amazing results at an affordable price. By creating a micro-injury in the skin, SkinPen allows our body to create fresh, new cells growth. Patients rave about the difference in firmness and texture after completing a series of three SkinPen treatments. SkinPen can be performed with a hyaluronic acid serum – or to maximize the benefit – with your own Platelet Rich Plasma – which boosts your own collagen by 1000%.

Other in clinic procedures that stimulate new cell growth include Sculptra injections to increase facial volume, Halo and Exilis Skin Tightening. By incorporating any of these treatments into your current skin rejuvenation program, you will see a new level of skin rejuvenation.

And, last but not least – you can NOT rejuvenate the dermis without daily sunscreen use. Nothing breaks down collagen cells faster than UV light – which is present every day, in every setting. You must use a pharmaceutical grade SPF of 30 or greater every  single day. Makeup in sunscreen is not effective on its own. This one is non negotiable.

Creating truly beautiful skin requires us to think deeper than what we see; we need a firm, smooth mattress to really show off those brand new sheets. I encourage you to speak with your aesthetic specialist to ensure that your current skin rejuvenation program is addressing both your “sheets” and your “mattress” so you can fully experience true skin rejuvenation.

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