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Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic Blog

Diets Don’t Work

Diets Don't Work When you wake up on January second with a bloated stomach and guilty conscience from holiday overindulgences you might ponder which diet program to try this year. Before you decide, consider this. All diets work. Period. From the restrictive cabbage soup diet to the more moderate Mediterranean approach, as long as you …

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An Inconvenient Appetite

An Inconvenient Appetite? Last month the city of Fargo dropped off a blue mammoth recycle bin on my curb. It was a welcome sight.  When I heard rumblings within the community about its taking up too much space in their garages and complaints about the inconvenience of having to recycle, I almost fell off my …

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The Power of Regimens

After 20 years in this industry, two things have become very clear for me. 1. We underestimate the change that medical grade skin care products can make in the skin and 2. The power of these products comes from the combination – the regimen – working synergistically to provide true transformation. Let’s talk #1 first. …

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What did I just put on my face?

“I purchased my favorite skincare product off of Amazon the other night, only to find out that what was in the bottle was not ACTUALLY my favorite product at all and now my face is breaking out” OR “I purchased a Michael Kors purse off of e-bay, only to find out that it was not …

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My Vaginal Rejuvenation Experience

I never thought that I would add vaginal rejuvenation to my list of services here at my Fargo clinic. After trying it out for myself, I was eager to share this treatment with my clients. A couple of years ago, I noticed that the laser companies were developing innovative “feminine rejuvenation” lasers. At first, I …

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Makeup addict in the making

I will never forget the time I decided my cute little doll needed some blush. I climbed up the shelf in my moms bathroom, and grabbed the brightest blush I could find. I took the blush brush, and put it all over her face. Little did I know, it really wasn’t meant for my doll, …

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Day cream, night cream, eye cream….ugh!

After working with skin for almost 15 years, I have noticed a common theme. Patients come in and see me with a HUGE bag filled with night cream, day cream, eye cream, eye serum, lip cream…..and so on. Rarely do the patients actually know what the active ingredient is in each of these products. They …

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I was Voluma-ized today!

Today was my first time receiving the new filler Voluma. I have had Juvederm, Restylane…but Voluma is an all new filler designed to really “lift” the face. It is injected into the mid-face region. I notice less fullness in my cheeks compared to photos of me from 10 years ago. Even though I have been …

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Welcome to our blog!

The time has come for us to join the modern world and start our very own blog! I am excited for the opportunity to share with you the latest and greatest in the world of medical skin care, body contouring and hair removal. I have spent the last 15 years helping men and women feel …

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