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Everything You Need To Know About Juicing For Weight Loss

So You Want to Do Some Juicing…

Written by Charmaine English, Weight loss & Wellness Director

It has been a dream of mine to walk my clients out to the lobby, open the refrigerator and send them away with the exact supplies they need to embark on a 1-3 day juice cleanse. Or, simply to introduce them to what fresh fruit and vegetable juice tastes like when done well. My dream has arrived and is filling the refrigerator in our new body clinic.

We now offer fresh fruit and vegetable juices in our lobby. Why juice? Two reasons (1) they’re good for you. You couldn’t eat all the fruits and veggies that go into these bottles, but you can drink their juice and get all the nutrition. (2) Juice cleanse=weight loss, increased energy, increased immunity and better health all around. Sound gimmicky? Not this.

Someone said to me once, well that can’t be healthy to just drink juice all day, my response was, I’ve had pineapple, spinach, kale, cucumber, lemon and pear for breakfast today, what did you have? Okay, so I didn’t actually say that, but I thought it. See? No gimmick, just fresh nutrients, more than you could eat.

Juicing for weight loss works and even if it didn’t, which it does, it would still be good for you to drink these juices. But if you’re doing it strictly for weight loss, you will gain it all back if you don’t make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep it off. Trust me when I say, losing weight is the easy part—keeping it off is immeasurably more difficult, so if you’re considering juice fasting for weight loss, consider it as a part of a greater lifestyle changes. I walk my clients through a 1-3 day juice cleanse and offer a more robust 5 week regimen. Get some professional help with what would be best for you and also look for our 5 week option in groups coming in April, May & June. But losing 20lbs in 5 weeks isn’t always easy; this program is for someone serious about losing the weight and getting healthy while doing it.

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    Hi could i get more information on the juice cleanse Please would love to loose 20lbs in 5 weeks. I do live 7 hours away but wondering if i could purchase it and have it shipped to me.
    thank you!

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