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New Machine Maps Skin Damage for Better Road to Repair

Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic is first in the are to offer technology

FARGO, ND — If it’s true that beauty is only skin deep, a new machine at Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic can help pinpoint just how deep it goes. The VISIA Complexion Analysis machine takes more than a passing look at your skin. It analyzes and photographs every pore, every wrinkle and every spot to develop a benchmark for patients undergoing treatment.

“VISIA is a new technology that makes it possible for a patient to receive facial rejuvenation and skin care treatments designed specifically for their unique complexion profile,” said Melissa Rogne, Clinic Director, of Rejuv. “For the first time, we now have quantifiable data to tell us if facial peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion and other tools are doing their job in restoring healthy skin.”

Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic is the only skin care office in the region to offer Visia Complexion Analysis. This technology was originally developed for Procter & Gamble for use in skin science research.

“In the past, this sophisticated equipment was only available in skin research laboratories,” Rogne said. “This is the next logical step in the process: to actually use the device to improve patients’ lives. By measuring the surface of the skin and analyzing the features of a patient’s complexion, we can get a read on the problem areas. From there, we can develop a treatment plan and through follow-up analysis, can check the effectiveness of that plan.

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System is a self-contained unit that captures multi-spectral photos of the face, examining the complexion for wrinkles, spots, pores, evenness (color variation in the skin tone), porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores), and UV spots (characteristic of photodamage, typically from overexposure to sun).

Additionally, for females, VISIA grades an individual’s skin features relative to others of the same age and skin type.

“With Visia, patients no longer have to wonder if the sun damage they’re seeing is the norm,” Rogne said. “The answer will be right in front of them.”

By objectively establishing skin condition, VISIA’s comprehensive measurement of a client’s standard and UV photos makes it very easy for the client to see and understand exactly what is being discussed regarding skin renewal treatment options.

With ever-growing interest in anti-aging and lifestyle-driven procedures, VISIA Complexion Analysis is a valuable new tool for use by medical and skin care professionals in working with clients to provide advances skin care treatments to enhance complexion vitality and appearance.

VISIA Complexion Analysis is available exclusively at Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic, phone 701-356-7546


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