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Rejuv’s offers a variety of Therapeutic facials. Therapeutic facials provide a more relaxing and pampering experience. All of Rejuv’s facial options combine the finest ingredients, and proven techniques to help you keep your nourished and healthy. All facials are done in a private, and ultra relaxing spa suite.

Rejuv SkinPerfect Facial Treatment

We know your skin is unique – and that is why we created the Rejuv SkinPerfect treatment. This luxurious facial treatment is specially designed to treat your specific skin needs. This treatment begins with a thorough analysis of your skin’s condition. Our skin therapists will then create a SkinPerfect facial treatment based on their assessment of your current skin condition as well as your future goals.

Clear Skin Facial

A very effective facial treatment designed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and purify the skin. Great for clients with congested skin, acne-prone, or with a combination-oily skin type.

LED Skin Firming Facial

This treatment utilizes the power of light therapy to stimulate new collagen production, resulting in firmer, smoother, more even-toned skin. This facial is great for anyone wishing to combat the signs of aging and revitalize their skin from the inside out.

Oxygen Infusion

Oxygen, a nature’s basic elements, helps skin regain it’s vitality and prepares all layers to be more receptive to other products allowing them to penetrate more deeply resulting in a radiant and healthy glow!

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I was greeted and helped immediately upon arriving. The wait time was short. My appointment went well and the nurse did a good job and made me feel comfortable.
Love this place, such a great mix of professionalism and caring employees. Absolutely perfect.
I look forward to each visit at Rejuv. The providers are all friendly, knowledgeable, and very clearly enjoy their work. For me, it is a very worthwhile splurge.