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Kybella Fargo

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Kybella is a new FDA cleared injectible treatment for the double chin area. Kybella was created using a synthetic version of Deoxycholic Acid, a substance already found in the human body. Kybella kills the fat cells in the treated area and the body naturally flushes them out over time. This in office treatment is non-invasive, and very quick! Kybella has been rigorously tested in clinical trial, and the results have been outstanding. Kybella can also be used in other small areas on the body where there is unwanted fat.

Benefits Overview:

  • Eliminates double chin
  • Permanent results
  • Safe and effective
  • Minimally invasive
  • Quick and easy procedure

Popular Treatment Areas:

  • Double chin
  • Underarm pockets
  • Knees

What Patients Are Saying

“I am by no means overweight, but I have always struggled with a bit of a double chin. I considered cosmetic surgery, but I didn’t want the downtime that comes with surgery. I went in to try Kybella at Rejuv a little over 2 months ago, and even after my first treatment I have seen great results. It has not made my double chin go away completely, but I have seen a significant difference in the way my chin looks. My provider was very upfront and did mention that I could possibly need a second treatment. I go in for that one soon!” – Anonymous Patient Since 2016

“Kybella is amazing. I have always been self conscious about my double chin, and this product gave me my self confidence back. The only down side was a little bit of swelling and it can be a little painful. BUT the results are worth it. No pain no gain, I guess! I did two sessions and it literally looks like I lost 10 pounds. Wish they had something like this for the rest of my body!” – Anonymous Patient since 2007




I was greeted and helped immediately upon arriving. The wait time was short. My appointment went well and the nurse did a good job and made me feel comfortable.
Love this place, such a great mix of professionalism and caring employees. Absolutely perfect.
I look forward to each visit at Rejuv. The providers are all friendly, knowledgeable, and very clearly enjoy their work. For me, it is a very worthwhile splurge.